Order for Morning and Evening Worship

First order for morning and evening worship - view

Second order for morning and evening worship - view

Third order for morning and evening worship - view

Resources for the fourth order of service - view

Order for the Churching of Women
Thanksgiving after Childbirth - view

Order for Holy Matrimony
Holy Matrimony - view

Order for the Covenant Service
Covenant Service - view

Order for the Lord's Supper
An Order for Lord's Supper - view
 Short Order for the Lord's supper - view

Order for Holy Baptism
Holy Baptism of Adults - view
Holy Baptism of Infants - view

Order of Service for the Baptized Persons
Confirmation - view

Order for the Burial Service
Burial Service - view

Order for Ordination Services
Ordination of Deacon(ess)s - view
Ordination of Presbyters - view
Consecration of Bishops - view

Common Liturgy of CNI/CSI and Marthoma - vie
Upcoming News & Events
Come join us in Worship every Sunday @ 10AM
​Choir Sunday - October 6th

Regional Retreat Sunday School and Women’s Fellowship
  • CSI North America Regional Retreat (Region 3) is on 12th at our church.

Tele prayer is every Friday from at 8-9 pm

Youths Sunday:Youths will be leading the fourth Sunday Service

Convention 2019
  • 25th & 27th 7.00 to 9.00 pm at church
  • Preacher: Rev. William Abraham St Thomas CSI Church Greater Huston.
  • Sunday Preacher : Rev. Jacob Philip Kansas
  • Bible Study on Saturday Morning
C.S.I. Worship Liturgy
CSICOD Event Calender

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Church of South India
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Church of South India
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