“He is the head of the body, the church; He is the beginning and the firstborn 
 among the dead, so that in everything he might have the supremacy” {Col.1:17}

With the passing of the Immigration & Nationality Act of 1965 introduced by President John F. Kennedy, migration from Asia to the United States, especially from India, dramatically increased. In the early 1970s, few CSI families migrated to the Dallas-Fort Worth area. They dreamed of a CSI worship but could not do so in the absence of an ordained CSI Presbyter. As such, they worshiped with the local Christian churches.

1978-1998:In 1978, Rev. K. S. George, a CSI Presbyter of Madhya Kerala Diocese, immigrated to Dallas, Texas along with his family. He had an authorization letter from the Bishop of Madhya Kerala Diocese to conduct CSI worship service wherever feasible. George Achen organized CSI worshiping communities in Dallas and Houston. It was a dream come true for the few CSI families in these cities, who cherished a worship service in their native language of Malayalam. This is the humble beginning of the CSI congregations in the Dallas area. Initially, they had worshiped at the residence of their members and at local church facilities.

 1998-2008:The liberalized immigration policy of the United States saw an influx of more CSI families to the Dallas area, resulting in the birth of more CSI worshiping communities in different geographical areas of the metropolis. The CSI families in Texas now have more options to choose among congregations as their preference be.

In 1998, the CSI Congregation of Dallas started worship service at 9400 Plano Road in Dallas, Texas. Subsequently, this worship facility was acquired by the Congregation. Presbyters from different cities of the United States were initially invited to conduct worship services. In February 1999, Rev. Dr. K. K. Cherian of Madhya Kerala Dioceses assumed charge of the CSI Congregation of Dallas. Cherian Achen was instrumental in developing good relations with the United Christian Church (UCC) of USA. Achen returned to India in the summer of 1999.

 Rev. Viju Varkey George took over as the Vicar of CSI Congregation of Dallas in July 1999. During Achen’s tenure, the CSI Congregation of Dallas was incorporated as a religious “Non-Profit Organization” in the State of Texas. Relationship with the Kerala Ecumenical Churches in Dallas area was also strengthened. Achen returned to India in the spring of 2002.

In the spring of 2002Rev. Alex P. Oommen joined the CSI Congregation of Dallas as its Vicar. Achen served three years and returned to India in the spring of 2005. Achen maintained good relationship with the sister churches in Dallas.

Rev. Aniyan K. Paul joined the CSI Congregation of Dallas as its Vicar in October 2005. In the month of December 2007, the Congregation moved from its Plano Road facility to another sanctuary in the city of Garland. Here, we applaud the efforts of Rev. Aniyan K. Paul, Mr. John P. Varghese and Mr. George Thomas in acquiring the sanctuary located at 2422 N. Glenbrook Drive. Aniyan K. Paul Achen returned to India in the summer of 2008.

2008-2011:For the next three years, no vicar was appointed by the Madhya Kerala Diocese. During this period, worship services were conducted by local Presbyters namely: Rev. Dr. A.V. Thomas and Rev. Dr. Samuel Madhavaraj.

In March 2011, Rev. Anoop George Joseph was appointed as the Vicar of CSI Congregation of Dallas.With encouragement from the Bishop, the Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen, who was consecrated as Bishop in March 2011, members of the Holy Trinity CSI Church started unity discussions.  In April 2012, most of the Holy Trinity CSI Church members decided to join the CSI Congregation of Dallas. The united worship service and the unity ceremony was presided over by the Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen.

Keeping in mind the call for unity, Christ Church of South India Dallas also resolved to merge with the CSI Congregation of Dallas along with its Presbyter Rev. M.M. Mathew. As such, the merger was materialized in September 2012.

In the spring of 2014, Rev. Anoop George Joseph returned to India. Achen’s term at our Church was a time of growth, unity and inspiration. We relish and appreciate Anoop Achen’s efforts to unite the CSI congregations in Dallas.

Rev. Ninan Jacob became the Vicar of CSI Congregation of Dallas in the summer of 2014. Since then, our membership has been steadily increasing. A young member of our congregation aptly put: “we have asked for feet but we have been given wings”.

Rev. K.G. Thomson was the Vicar of CSI Congregation of Dallas from the summer of 2017 to summer 2019.

Rev. Jijo Abraham is currently the Vicar of CSI Congregation of Dallas from summer of 2019.

The Congregation had been blessed with the services of two more Presbyters Rev. A. V. Thomas and Rev. M. M. Mathew. However, Rev. M. M. Mathew passed away in September 2016.

From a humble beginning of few families, the CSI Congregation of Dallas has grown to almost seventy families now. Since the inception, the congregation outgrew many shared facilities and now owns a beautiful sanctuary and a parish hall along with 4 acres of land in Garland, Texas. It has a lively worship service, a dynamic choir, a vibrant youth fellowship, a well-organized Sunday school and a dedicated women’s fellowship. As a faith community, we know in our hearts that all these blessings we enjoy are not of our own making but rather our Lord’s doing; and we believe in the ONE who still multiplies the five loaves and two small fish.

Our history does not end here. We are indeed mindful of the fact that each generation will have their own dreams, visions and goals. As a congregation, united and true to our call, we will dig deep in the CSI soil of our inheritance that gave us the ground to tend while shaking off the dust. We march forward, by the grace of God, seeking meaningful existence as to who we are and who we are expected to be? Come and join us in this Christ centered Pilgrimage!

​(The history section has been approved by the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Thomas K. Oommen)
Church of South India
Congregation of Dallas

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